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About NOM

NOM is an acronym for the russian "Informal Youth Organization" used by the official soviet press in 80's. The band "NOM" appeared in St. Petersburg in 1987 as an absurdico-ironical answer to the great number of "rock" groups in post-soviet Russia. The band used musical cliches of all kinds mixed queerly together with elements of mimic show of idiots, thus reaching strong emotional effect over public. Critics called NOM "The last bastion of ruthless Russian satire", following literaturial traditions of Gogol and Kharms.

At the moment NOM has 7 original albums 1 live, albums of greatest hits and remixes, all released in Moscow, Russia, in the period 1989-2000. All of them are quite different in style which is the usual norm for the band members, who always tried not to bind themselves by any limits.

Besides music NOM is also involved in creative videoactivity, producing numerous videoclips, comic gags and (in the late period) feature films. Its video "Ukrblues" won the 1st prize as the best low-budget video in MIDEM-96, Cannes, France. There's also the publishing department of NOM, which released two books of fiction by NOM-members authorship.

NOM on stage is now presented by: Andrei Kagadeev (guitars, vocals), Nikolai Gusev (keyboard, drum-computer, vocals), Ivan Tourist (show, vocals). One of the former active NOM members, Alexander Liver, sings basso in Geneve Opera now, N.Gusev is also known as the leader of AVIA - band of the first "red wave" from St.Petersburg.

Technical requirements: 2 line inputs for keyboard, 2 line inputs for el.drums, bass-amp., 3 vocal mikes, 2 monitor lines minim.

Info in Russian, MP3s, etc. - http://www.nomspb.ru/

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